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Disability Support Services | visit http://wearedace.org/dss to contact DSS regarding accommodations or assistance.



Academic Courses are offered at Harbor Occupational Center consists of Accelerated College and Career Transition (AC2T), Adult Independent Study (AIS), Individualized Instruction Lab (II Lab), Adult Basic Education (ABE, High School Credit Recovery Program and HiSET Test Preparation Classes


Career Technical

Career & Technical Education Programs provide students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and hands on training necessary to succeed in future careers. CTE courses and  programs focus on the technical and academic skills needed to attain high-quality careers.


English as a
Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL)
No Cost Levels 1 – 6 Develops language proficiency in beginning/intermediate listening, speaking, reading & writing skills; grammar in everyday situations.


Disability Support Services

This program serves an essential role in ensuring reasonable accommodations for students with physical disabilities; visual or hearing impairments; learning, emotional disability or history of substance abuse.


Administrative Team

Bernadine Gonzalez – Principal
Alma Alvarez – Assistant Principal of Operations
Julio Melara – Assistant Principal of Operations
Johanna Hart – Assistant Principal of Adult Counseling Services
Prishay Wilson – School Administrative Assistant

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Harbor Occupational Center is committed to providing the highest quality instruction in Adult Secondary and Basic Education, English as a Second Language, and Career Technical Education to a diverse population, while empowering students to succeed in a technologically changing society.

Student Learning

Students completing their educational programs at Harbor Occupational Center and our branch locations will: Demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills that prepare students for success in the workforce, in higher education, and in their communities. Demonstrate the ability to use critical thinking and problem solving skills. Demonstrate academic and technical skills to succeed in meeting employer expectations and personal goals.


Harbor Occupational Center offers full-time educational programs operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District • Division of Adult and Career Education. Programs include: English as a Second Language (ESL), Math and English skills remediation, • High School Equivalency Test Preparation (HiSET), high school diploma classes and short-term • Career Technical Education training and job placement assistance.